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Oh, what luck...

You found a


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Hi! We are so tickled that you found one our cruise ducks and used the QR code!

We are Tonya & Kevin Williams and Melanie & David Miller of Funky Munky Shaved Ice!  We are on a fun Franchise cruise and wanted to participate in the Cruise Duck fun!  


We would be delighted if you took a look around our website to get to know Funky Munky Shaved Ice a bit!  Or, maybe you already know us!   We are known for loving our customers and communities and, of course, for our amazing shaved ice creations! 

We invite you to find a Location near your home and visit us for "a shaved ice treat like no other!" Or, maybe pick a Location as a destination in your travels this Spring or Summer!  

If you submit the simple little form below, we would LOVE to send you some  coupons for some FREE shaved ice when you come!  

If you see us on the cruise, please say hi!!  We'd love to meet you!!  

Happy cruising!! 


Tonya & Kevin Williams


Melanie & David Miller 

McKinney, TX Franchise Owners


Fill out this form and we will send you some of our cute little "Free Chimp Cards" for FREE Shaved Ice at any of our Locations!

We found a duck!

Send us your mailing address and we will mail you some coupons for Free Shaved Ice at any of our locations!


Uplod a picture!

Thank you for connecting with us!

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