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Giving Back To Our Community

Funky Munky makes fundraising fun!

We know that Funky Munky Shaved Ice wouldn't be here if it weren't for the amazing communities that love and support us, so it is important to us that we love and support our communities in return! Offering fundraising through our Give Back Days is one way we can do this.

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Give Back Days are currently only offered at the Weatherford location.

What is a Give Back Day?

Funky Munky Shaved Ice will host Give Back Days as a Fundraising Event for organizations within the community.  During those Fundraising Events, we will make a donation to the organization for every qualifying item sold!  The more the organization shares the info about their Give Back Day fundraiser, the more successful it will be!


What types of community organizations qualify for Give Back Days with Funky Munky?


Funky Munky partners with a wide range of community organizations such as:

  • Schools

  • School Parent Teacher Associations/Organization

  • Churches and other faith-based organizations

  • Animal shelters and welfare organizations

  • Youth sports leagues

  • Youth development organizations such as 4-H, FFA, Scout groups, etc.

  • Food banks and other charitable organizations supporting the people of our community

  • Health improvement organizations such as American Heart Association, American Cancer Society, etc.


Note: We do not offer Give Back Days for political groups/activities or for "for profit"  organizations.  

What will the organization receive from participating in a Give Back Day?

Funky Munky Shaved Ice will donate $0.50 for every qualifying item sold during the Fundraising Event.  We will calculate all qualifying items sold at the end of the event and issue a check for the donation total to the organization.  Qualifying items are simply full priced shaved ice items (no coupons/discounts) and the customer must mention the Give Back Day when ordering.

When are Give Back Days offered and how long will the Fundraising Event last?

Give Back Days are offered every Wednesday, as available.  The Fundraising Event will last the full day during our regular business hours.  Give Back Days will be booked and confirmed on a first-come-first-served basis.  Give Back Days will not be available in the months of June, July, or August. 

How many Give Back Days can an organization participate in?

We will not limit how many Give Back Days an organization may participate in throughout the year, however, we will only schedule/book one Give Back Day per month per organization to allow a variety of organizations to participate each month. 

Can the mobile Funky Munky Truck be used for a Give Back Day or will Funky Munky Shaved Ice hold the Give Back Day at an organization's location?

No, Give Back Days are only offered at the store location and during regular business hours.  If you would like to inquire about booking the Funky Munky Truck for an event, please visit our Events page.

How will an organization promote their scheduled Give Back Day Fundraising Event?

Funky Munky Shaved Ice will provide the organization with a promotional flyer for print and digital distribution.  The organization will be responsible for promoting their Fundraising Event.  They may do so via email, social media, posted flyers, distributed flyers, etc.  Funky Munky Shaved Ice may also provide, upon request, additional graphics for use by the organization for promotional purposes.  

How does an organization schedule/book a Give Back Day?


  1. Complete and submit the Give Back Day Request Form below.

  2. Funky Munky Shaved Ice will review the Request Form to determine if the organization qualifies for a Give Back Day and confirm the requested date(s) are available. 

  3. We will call or email the contact listed on the Request Form to discuss and schedule the Give Back Day.

  4. The organization will be required to provide a completed IRS Form W-9.

Available Give Back Days
Give Back Days are Wednesdays only.

GREEN = Available  RED = Booked  BLACK = Unavailable

Submit a Give Back Day Request

Thanks for submitting!

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